Type of product : Automatic Cell Counter
Client :  SK hynix, SOL inc.
With the fully automated SOL-COUNT Analyzer, you receive high-resolution scanner-based imaging, state-of-the-art automation, and superb process safety. In addition to cell concentration and cell viability, the analyzer measures morphological parameters, such as cell diameter and compactness, and provides quantitative information about cell aggregation in cell samples. Designed for pharmaceutical process development and industrial production, the SOL-COUNT Analyzer meets today's GMP compliance requirements

The testing process in 4 easy steps

STEP 1 : Load 10ml of cells in a cartridge with a pipette. (45° is the optimal angle)
STEP 2 : Push and open cartridge tray, then place the cartridge.
STEP 3 : View results within seconds per channel.
STEP 4 : Transmit result to USB.

  15-24 ︎