Type of product : AI voice assistant smart ring  ( Speak to AI assistants privately)
Brand collaboration :  VTOUCH

WIZPR RING, the recipient of the Innovation Award at CES 2024, aims to create a seamless conversational computing environment. In this revolutionary system, users can effortlessly interact with AI through voice commands, eliminating the need to constantly glance at a screen.

The New Way to Communicate with AI
- Not everyone needs to hear what you’re asking your AI assistant.
   WIZPR RING lets you whisper your commands quietly to a wide range of AI assistants like ChatGPT, Gemini, keeping your words private and fully away from prying ears. Go ahead—Just whisper it.
    WIZPR RING will understand every single word.

Chat Naturally with AI

- Engage effortlessly with your virtual assistant. WHSP RING is your translator, art curator, digital psychologist, and more.
   Whether you want to discuss the forecast, hear a joke, or need a listening ear to talk with about your problems—thanks to AI models like ChatGPT
   that understand the nuances of daily speech, you'll receive responses that feel natural and human-like.

The Ultimate Personal Assistant

- WHSP RING, you'll always have a personal assistant right by your side.
  From setting reminders to checking the weather, controlling smart home devices and keeping you informed about all of your calendar events.
  Just triple-tap the button or say “what’s up”, and WHSP RING keeps you updated about it all—streamlining your tasks and making executing commands more convenient.

  15-24 ︎