Type of product : Window-based all-in-one air conditioner
Brand collaboration :  Midea

Stand air conditioners used in ordinary homes always occupy a certain range of space inside, such as a living room or room. This situation is the same when not in use, and it is always causing financial damage to the space. The one-piece structure is wall-mounted, so it requires no floor space. It is also easy to clean and repair.

This window-type all-in-one air conditioner can save space while performing three functions:an air conditioner, an air purifier, and a humidifier at once.

Sleek design that fits a wide window.

- 1. Air Conditioner -

Delicate and neat front design with new air conditioning blade mechanism.

The window-based design naturally melts into the interior anywhere, such as the living room and bedroom.

- 2. Air Purifier (Fresh air) -

The rotary panel allows you to feel the soft wind by adjusting the strength and direction of the wind.

Filter replacement for air purifier that comes out when the panel is pulled.

- 3. Humidifier -

  15-24 ︎