Type of product : Kitchen utensils
Client : Modori

cogdesignstudio came up with the idea to embed strong magnets into the tips of the lightweight utensils' handles so that they can be stuck onto metal surfaces and reducing food waste with head design.

A slender wave steel plate is designed to be mounted beneath your cabinets and close to the stove top, allowing the implements to connect and dangle down.

The Kitchen utensils are simple, effective and ergonomic. Best of all, they clear clutter from your food preparation area and they can be hung up conveniently while in use instead of set down to dirty your cooking surface.


Phase1 Concept design_ cogdesignstudio: Magnetic cradle / Waterdrop Shape / 3 Point edge ladle

This project will proceed with the follow-up in _ISY studio_ due to the client company's circumstances in the final mass production follow-up stage.

  15-24 ︎