Type of product : Nonperforated Curtain Bracket
Brand collaboration :  BLEI

Nomot is a bracket that fixes to a curtain box for tenants who can't nail their homes recklessly, such as studio apartments and dormitories, so that they can hang curtains with no perforation. For those who are unintentionally living the Nomad lifestyle, we offer the easiest and beautiful solution that is structurally safe and without permanent damage.

NOMOT is a curtain bracket that can be easily installed and dismantled without nails.

The house doesn't belong to us, so even if we want to nail it for the curtains, we can't. So we need other solutions.

It is installed in the curtain box space, making the curtains stand out without being noticeable.

NOMOT makes it possible to have a neat interior with a nailless curtain.

The width can be adjusted by turning the rod inside the product, so it can be installed in a wide curtain boxes.

Choose the color of the product according to the concept of the interior.

There are two types of silicon stoppers:  type A with a wave pattern and  type B with a circular pattern.

  15-24 ︎