IK Lightings

Type of product :  Rebranding project
Client : Ilkwang Lightings Co.Inc

Ilkwang Lightings Co.Inc. is South Korea last remaining company that produces and sells incandescent bulbs. We have renewed the brand and package design plan in order to become an interior and design specialized brand by emerging from the existing image of a low-cost manufacturer. We classified over 300 products with the new initial and color system to make the consumers select the product easily that is suitable for their needs and preference.The Classic Series is the first lineup of Ilkwang Lightings renewal project applying premium light bulb package.


*winner, Good Design Award 2014 Intuitive Graphic Placement(Composition)  
- We placed the clear picture of the product in front so that one can immediately verify the appearance of a light bulb that is on.
Second, we placed the specifications of the product on each sides to enlighten the essential contents.
Lastly, we placed the detailed information such as safety precautions, company information, etc.

on the back based on the priority of consumers understanding to an object. Efficiency and Economics
- The development of branding and packaging system allowed the staffs of packaging at the plant to manage products promptly and accurately.
Also, it allowed the retail staffs to display products without any pop or explanation to the consumers

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