Type of product : Household fire extinguisher
Client : GGD

Many fire accidents cause huge damage as they fail to take proper measures for their initial response time called "Golden Time." Existing fire extinguishers are not suitable for home use or fire initial response. Therefore, if a fire accident occurs at home, it is hard to respond promptly and causing serious fire damage. THE FIRE has been developed to improve these problems.

Entry, Intermediate, Super Asian Fit Superior rider reflect. There's a moment when I'm united with bike. This brand has expanding market share promptly, and has been recognized cost-effective brands as it has good design and quality comparison to high-priced helmets.

However, comparison to other brands having long history and technological know-how, it seems difficult to increase the history and the know-how in a short time. Therefore, the product’s brand needs to be re-organized based on innovating and strengthening it’s design.

Fortunately, there are more women wearing the product, and current trend which regarding the product not as a functional wearing but as a fashion wearing can be a good chance to improve brand power.


Asian fit

Since many people in the world have different appearances, It's not easy to make all of them satisfied with an only one product. There are many designs of eyewear for each people who
have many tastes. Yet there are not many fittings of eyewear for everyone. Facial structure of Asian people have more variety of shape in comparison to western people. Especially,
Height of nose and width of face have a variety size.



  15-24 ︎