V Kiosk

Type of product : non-contact, long-range touch solution
Client : VTOUCH

Virtual touch panel

Hygienic, non-contact, long-range touch solution for post-covid-19 era. The world’s first complete contactless touch technology. Virtual Touch is a technology that analyzes the user's motion with deep learning (AI) technology through a 3D camera, allowing you to pinpoint where a person is pointing and select that precise point at the same time.


Zero Latency
Near zero latency thanks to VTouch’s patented prediction algorithm

True touch-less control
The screen won't get dirty, there is no risk of infection caused by contact,  so it is hygienic and safe.

Distance Control
Control areas that are out of reach at the top of the screen,  even for wheelchair-disabled and people with short height.

Touch-like Interface
Works exactly the same way as touch panels work.  New users can use it right out of the box without a guide.

Easy to install
Support for HID protocol enables USB Plug  & Play with client devices

What is V touch

Virtual touch technology enables touchless control of any objects in single space such as displays, devices, and even is able to make non electronic things interactive.

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