Type of product : Pet wheelchair
Brand collaboration :  C.I.L DESIGN

COG Design Studio designed a Pet Wheelchair with C.I.L Architectural studio. This is a wearable mobility project for pets(mostly dogs) who have handicapped legs. It has soft shapes for a comfortable fit for pets. SUBO's Frame is an ergonomic design with a U shape that makes pets feel stable. It can help them to walk by themselves and also sit easily when they need rest or want to go toilet.  We are inspired by fashion brands of classic style and woke wear. That way it looks comfortable but Luxurious feeling.

A pet can easily wear this item with  Easy Length-adjustable Handles. Just pull up the handles and adjust the length to fit the pet.
A lightweight frame that is foldable and convenient to store and can be easily carried around.

Detachable various accessories and a fixing belt to the back legs.

Unlike existing products that were burdensome to purchase and use due to their medical device-like appearance,
the new pet wheelchair SUBO with an improved structure and shape improves the awareness of pet assistants and expands the market.

  15-24 ︎