Type of product : Intraoral Scanner

ArcScan is an oral 3D scanner designed for various dental treatments. Based on ArcReal's scanning technology, it enables realistic and fast real-time scanning. COG Design Studio researched and designed the product's shape to ensure its lightweight and precise scanning capabilities.  The best oral scanner to gently wrap around your hands, Arcscan.

When using an oral scanner, user's fingers and wrists are strained to capture various angles inside the patient's mouth.


For a stable grip, approach it in a long axis, roundish, soft curved shape.

Arcscan provides convenient usability with an optimal design that considers various angles when gripping the scanner.

The texture of the metal part connecting the injection tip and the body was matched in various ways.

Arcscan can connects mutiple cables more neatly and easily with its hub accessary.

The smaller the entrance, the more advantageous it is to scan the mouth, so it is a head with a narrower design.

Arcscan's custom cradle is a hollowed-out design for easy grip when mounted on the product.

The dedicated cradle allows for safe storage of the product in a cluttered work environment.

  15-24 ︎